Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am going private for now because I have been told there is someone in the OFA group who can not separate their lives from the blogs and feels the need to share her opinion on the mental status of the person writing the blog with Jilma amoung other things. I know my sanity is in tact but I am not so sure if this is the case on the adult who acts as a the OFA tattletale! I am sure Jilma sees this but with our adoption this close I am not risking it!!! So I have sent out a few invites and want to invite more but do not have their e-mail adresses. So if anyone wishes to share I would love to invite them!!!! If you feel they might like to read along email me with their names and their email addresses. Thanks!!

Yes, I have been busy! Yes, too busy to blog!! But will give an update on this momma's life :)

I participated in the Run for Congo Women on April 2nd, noticed I said participated and not "ran", Yeah there was no way this momma was running a 5K, not with as many rolls as I have around my waist!! I did however walk and managed to pass a few other walkers, ok so they were even older than me and were walking with their doggies, BUT... I finished. Hooray!! I will admit my 13 yr. old daughter and my niece finished before I did. It was a fun time and a great cause which raised over $5000.00!! I have also been busy with 4-H projects with the kids, they start showing some projects in May although the fair isn't until July. We live in a very rural area and just about every kid in the county is in 4-H with at least one project!! My kid's group has 34 kids in it and 1 leader to cover all ther projects!! I am so glad it is her and not me!

Be sure to check in again for some news on a busy momma's life....