Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yes, I have been busy! Yes, too busy to blog!! But will give an update on this momma's life :)

I participated in the Run for Congo Women on April 2nd, noticed I said participated and not "ran", Yeah there was no way this momma was running a 5K, not with as many rolls as I have around my waist!! I did however walk and managed to pass a few other walkers, ok so they were even older than me and were walking with their doggies, BUT... I finished. Hooray!! I will admit my 13 yr. old daughter and my niece finished before I did. It was a fun time and a great cause which raised over $5000.00!! I have also been busy with 4-H projects with the kids, they start showing some projects in May although the fair isn't until July. We live in a very rural area and just about every kid in the county is in 4-H with at least one project!! My kid's group has 34 kids in it and 1 leader to cover all ther projects!! I am so glad it is her and not me!

Be sure to check in again for some news on a busy momma's life....

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