Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laundry and lots of it!

Laundry...not a very cool topic but it is what have I been doing all day!! Yes, laundry in this house is more than a chore it is an undertaking of a momma mission! I do anywhere from 22 to 30 loads a week!! NO I am not exaggerating! My wonderful husband is 6'7" tall and weighs in at 285lbs. Now my husband is by no means fat or even heavy he is big boned. Haha yeah that's we we all say but no seriously he is. He wears a size 18 EEE shoe!! His blue jeans alone way 5lbs each dry!!! So needless to say his laundry takes up a lot of room. I do not have a commercial washer or dryer although that would be awesome!! I do however have a set of Maytag Neptunes and they have worked really well for me seeing how I have abused them for many years now. So there are 9 people currently living here, 5 female and 4 males. The younger boys are easy because they would stay in their PJ's from bath to bath if I let them. The girls are another story, can you say multiple outfit changes before school with the clothes they do not decide on ending up in the laundry basket in their room or on the floor. I have countless times thrown a tantrum over this to no avail! Yes, I tend to lose it over this house rule violation since I do all the laundry and it is work! Now take in the amount of towels for bath taking, wash clothes, dish towels, towels for the dog and you get the idea right! We also have 7 beds for 7 kids and a queen for us that need stripped and replaced at least once a week if not more depending on night time accidents, the kids not us heehee! And being winter there are tons of socks and gloves to wash and of course lose at least half of the matching sets which I have a large bucket of onesies waiting to find their match. Plus washing coats, rugs and extra snuggy blankets the kids wear around on the weekends. Yes it is a LOT of laundry!! I am in the process of teaching my 3 older ones how to do laundry but the rules of sorting and measuring seem to go on one ear and out the other. I often wonder if this is a hint that they really don't want to learn so they are not stuck in that little room day in and day out, nah laundry is fun right!!!! Ding, ding....yep time to go the dryer is beconing me with it's musical ring...

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  1. so what kind of washer and dryer do you have - I want to get a water/power saving one before the boys come!