Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It has been pretty tough around here for more than a week.  My 14 year old daughter that has RAD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Emotional Disorder, Behavioral Disorder, PTSD has been on the rampage? On my last nerve? Acting out? Puberty? Drama Queen? Attention seeking? Angry? Hateful? Defiant? Really the whole brew of possibilities thrown together along with the normal teenager attitude!!!!!!  I am beginning to think we may have to add Bi-Polar to her long list of issues this poor girl has.  It is very tough to be a parent to a child like her.  It makes you question your parenting skills, your emotional value and if your are destroying the few "normal" children you have.  I have seen some of them seeking attention using the same poor choices as their older sister and it breaks my heart. 

I had been homeschooling her for a couple of years due to her inability to seperate reality and maintain appropriate boundaries.  It was very hard keeping her home 24/7 never being apart, being combative nearly everyday to complete work.  She began to run away if I grounded her, if I took away a priviledge, if I became upset over her poor choices, if I sided with one of her siblings, when she got caught hoarding food, when I told her she had to clean her get the drift.

It got so bad that she finally began making claims of hurting herself and actually began digging into her arms and neck with her fingernails.  We had to admit her to the hospital for what we thought would be a couple of days.  Or so they said.  On the 8th day we were finally allowed to come and get her and had to go directly to a new therapist.  So off to the therapist we go. Well that opened a whole new pandora's box! The RAD really set me up to take a pounding as her parent but was I lucky.  This Therapist GOT IT!!! She really understood this type of RAD, she knew how to get into my daughter's world and began making her feel the repercussion of her actions!! HOORAY!! After 6 years and multiple therapist I finally found one that can help!! 

To be continued......

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